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Since our beginning in 1907, Mitchell Bank has been providing commercial loan solutions to small and medium sized businesses. Our customers benefit from high end service provided by highly trained bankers. Our goal is to be a strategic partner that can help your business grow.


Commercial Line of Credit

A short term loan designed to meet the capital needs of a growing business. Are your sales increasing? Are receivables and inventory growing too? You may need a Line of Credit from Mitchell Bank to properly finance your business.

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Commercial Term Loan

Mitchell Bank can provide a term loan to your business to help with major purchases, such as new equipment. In some cases, a term loan can be designed solely for working capital needs. Term loans are usually repaid on two to seven year amortization schedules, depending on the loan purpose and any equipment being purchased.

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Commercial Mortgages and Construction Loans

Mitchell Bank is a leader in providing commercial mortgage loans for a building purchase or refinance. We design the loan to meet your needs. We can also provide construction financing for new buildings of expansion projects.

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Commercial Letters of Credit

We can provide your vendors or other creditors with a guaranty of payment, known as a letter of credit. Use this tool to leverage better terms with a major supplier, or support a specific transaction.

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SBA and other Government Sponsored Loan Programs

The SBA and other government agencies offer a variety of loan programs to assist small and medium sized business. Funds can be used to start a new business or expand an existing business. These programs can be used to provide working capital, finance equipment and real estate projects and other business purposes.

Mitchell Bank can assist you when considering these special loan opportunities. Let one of our experienced loan officers suggest what loan program can work best for you.

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Business Credit Card

Enjoy the benefits and added services of the Mitchell Bank’s Business Visa. This credit card provides convenience and accurate expense tracking.

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Merchant Credit Card Processing

Mitchell Bank offers MasterCard/Visa credit card processing to our Business Customers. MasterCard/Visa acceptance adds more payment options to your business, as well as convenience to your customers. Being able to process MasterCard/Visa merchant transactions can give your business a strong advantage over the competition in today's marketplace.

If you have any questions about obtaining commercial products or would like to get specific rates, please please call (262) 797-7676.

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