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Mitchell Bank
Exchange rates are current as of October 28th, 2020 at 9:00 a.m.
Transfer fee included
Transfer fee included
Transfer fee included
Transfer fee included
Type of service Transfer fee ($25 - $1,000) Exhange rate (pesos) Available for pick-up Pick-up fee Pesos to be received Pesos to be received Pesos to be received Pesos to be received
Directo a Mexico $4.00* from $25-$1000 20.83 Next Business day 0 1999.68 6165.68 10331.68 20746.68
Viamericas $10.00** 20.50 Two Hours 0 1845.00 5945.00 10045.00 20295.00
A2R to Mexico *** $6.95 18.98 Next Business day 0 1766.09 5562.09 9358.09 18848.09
* The tranfer fee mentioned applies to Mitchell Bank customers. Persons who are not Mitchell Bank customers will be subject to a different transfer fee. For the Directo A Mexico and A2R service, the exchange rate listed is today's rate, the actual rate will be set the next business day by the Banco de Mexico.
The exchange rate is based on the FIX, which is calculated by Banco de Mexico minus .21%.
** The Viamerica's transfer fee maybe slightly higher based on the receiving network and the fee may be higher for remittances over $1000. See Customer Service for more information.
*** The A2R service to Mexico, Central and South America is available for individuals who do not have a bank account in the receiving country.
Mitchell Bank's A2R service is also available for Central and South America countries, please see one of our Customer Service Representatives for more information.
The above disclosure is given as an illustration only and solely for purposes of comparing probable costs. It is not a guaranty that the recipient will receive the pesos listed. For more information please contact a Customer Service Representative at (414) 645-0600.

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